Chaput Land Surveys
High Definition Surveying

Chaput Land Surveys has moved forward in offering additional services in the high definition surveying. Recently Chaput helped a client assess a new crane assembly that wasn’t allowing the existing assembly to move freely from the existing building through the new addition. With the use of a Leica P40 3D Laser Scanner we were able to scan the 40,000 square foot addition with photos in less than a day. In doing so we obtained all of the structural members of the crane system to be able to analyze the entire system without going back for more data. It would have not have been possible to locate enough points to be able to effectively analyze the system with traditional survey methods. From the 3D point cloud, 2D drawings were produced detailing structural members for additional analysis of structural engineers to help figure out corrective actions. The clients also received the entire addition in Tru View that they are able to view anytime at their computer.