Chaput Land Surveys
Chaput Land Surveys' project experience includes large design and development undertakings to major commercial and industrial projects. Featured projects include:
Some of our select projects include:


KENOSHA, WI - The Amazon Fulfillment and Sortation Centers are 1 million square foot and 500 thousand square foot buildings located along I-94 at Burlington Road. Chaput Land Surveys prepared an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for the due diligence phase of the site development. Chaput also prepared a Topographic Survey basemap used to develop the construction plans for the project. The ALTA/NSPS survey shows the property boundaries, easements and other encumberances on the property such as access to the property, utilities that service the property, zoning information, FEMA floodplain information, etc. Chaput also prepared 2 Certified Survey Maps (CSM) to redivide 7 parcels into 2 parcels for the project. The land development process also is used to create easements for the utilities and stormwater management areas. Chaput also prepared control exhibits to assist contractors using GPS machine control for grading. Our construction services were used for grading ponds, setting building corners and columns, installing sanitary sewer, watermain and fire protection, storm sewer systems, light poles, pumphouses, floodplain protection, curb, signs, and retaining walls. Chaput also prepared as-built record drawings for the ponds, anchor bolt elevations and conveyor system. Once the project was completed Chaput prepared ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey of the property and finished features of the project for refinancing after construction. The challenging project required good in house data management and communication with contractors making it a successful project completed on time.


MILWAUKEE, WI - The North End Redevelopment project has transformed the North Water Street landscape from the vacant Pfister & Vogel tannery buildings into a 4 phase development of apartments, commercial spaces and a grocery store. Chaput Land Surveys provided the Mandel Group due diligence and land development services. We have prepared ATLA/NSPS Land Title Surveys for different transactions throughout the project, as well as topographic maps of the sites, river wall locations and existing utility layout to help in the civil design of the buildings and riverwalk project. Chaput also provided Certified Survey Maps and Condominium Plats.


MEQUON, WI - Mequon Town Center at the intersection of Mequon Road and Cedarburg Road is a multi-purpose development of apartments, shops and restaurants. Chaput Land Surveys provided construction surveying services for this project. This project's challenges included a tight work site with many different construction trades working on different aspects of this project during the same time period. Our staff laid out the building locations for the contractor, including the building corners, columns and the elevator shaft. We laid out the sanitary sewer, watermain and storm sewer systems and the curb, parking lot and sidewalk.


MENOMONEE FALLS, WI - Whitestone Station is a mixed-use development located along Falls Parkway, north of Roosevelt Drive. Chaput Land Surveys has been a part of this development from the land division process to the construction phase. Chaput has provided Certified Survey Maps, legal descriptions, foundation certifications, monitoring services, building layout, utility infrastructure layout as well as asbuilt surveys.


PARK EAST CORRIDOR, MILWAUKEE, WI - Chaput Land Surveys prepared an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey to help the client identify encumberances such as easements, restrictions, agreements, access to the property, utilities that service the property, zoning information, parking requirements, encroachments and FEMA floodplain risks. This survey project helped secure financing and identified lender risk as part of the financing due diligence.


STEVENS POINT, WHITING, BIRON, WISCONSIN RAPIDS - Established in the early 1900's the paper mills produced specialty papers and other paper products. The hydro-electric dam provides power for the mills and community. Chaput Land Surveys coordinated and produced ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys and Certified Survey Maps for more than 35,000 acres of land and more than 40 miles of electric power transmission lines. The survey project included 5 hydro-electric dams and paper mill facilities. Chaput has prepared numerous legal descriptions for the transmission line network from Stevens Point to Whitting to Biron and Wisconsin Rapids.